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The Difference Between Rec and Travel Teams

What is the difference between recreational and travel soccer?

In recreational programs, all children who register will be assigned to a team, and will receive equal playing time. Ability is not a factor, and all interested players are welcome. Coaches are almost always novice, and usually are parent volunteers who offer to coach their children and their friends. Travel soccer is a competitive program. All players are welcome to attend try-outs, but not all will be asked to join a team. Once asked to join, playing time is not guaranteed. Additionally, once on a team, players will continue to have to try-out every spring to keep their roster spot. Coaches are licensed, often professionals, and bring a wealth of personal playing and training experience to the teams they lead. Travel is a competitive world and players' development is important.

Who should play travel soccer?

Travel soccer is not for everyone and, in many cases, a player and his or her family may be best served by recreational programs. To be successful in travel soccer, children should show a high level of ability and their families should recognize that a greater commitment, both in terms of attendance at practices and games as well as financially, is required.