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St. Luke's

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LVYSL Follows EPYS and USYS Roster Limits

LVYSL Club Pass Guidelines-Procedures

The club pass rules for playing at the same age level will be relaxed for Spring of 2023 on a trial basis so that clubs are capable of fielding more than one team in an age group without having to forfeit or postpone games due to not enough players.

Coaches must email and IN ADVANCE if they are club passing more than two players for a match, OR if they are club passing any player  "down" a division, i.e. gold division player to silver division so that we may monitor these circumstances for potential misuse. 

Teams must not surpass the roster limit with the addition of the club pass players. 


Click HERE for a downloadable version of the Lehigh Valley Youth Soccer League's Club Pass Guidelines/Procedures prior to the Spring 2023 Season.

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Important EPYS/League Registrar Procedures 

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League Registrar Assignments

Below is the list of Lehigh Valley Youth Soccer League registrars and the clubs they will be responsible for during the seasonal year.