LVYSL Statement Against Racism

LVYSL Statement Against Racism

LVYSL stands against all racism, hatred, intolerance, inequity and violence. Listen, learn and act positively to confront hatred, make change and inspire peace. We are stronger when we unite as one voice.


The Lehigh Valley Youth Soccer League has a zero-tolerance policy and does not condone any type of racial, religious, sexual or other discrimination. We will not condone such actions on the pitch. This is why such actions must immediately be reported to one of the referees working the match so that they can make their official report to the league.


Going forward, the LVYSL will issue suspensions and potentially permanent LVYSL bans for any player or coach when there is official supporting evidence of racial, religious, sexual or other discrimination directed at players, coaches, referees and spectators.

Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer(EPYS), our state governing body, has issued a similar policy, but does not require the incident to be included in the referee’s report. 

Their statement, including how to file a report, is in their updated Risk Management Policy and includes an online Discrimination Report Form link on Page 7 of the document.