St. Luke's

St. Luke's

LVYSL Spring 2019 Season Entrance Closes Feb. 24

Entrance for the Lehigh Valley Youth Soccer League’s Spring 2019 Season is now closed.

Once teams are entered, this is the link to log back in to edit the application if necessary.

This spring we are guaranteeing each team a six-game schedule heading into the 40th annual LVYSL Tournament which will be held the traditional second weekend in June, this year June 8-9, 2019.

Schedules will be released to the clubs for time and field assignment by Wednesday, March 12. Teams should make their club field assignor aware of any necessary time restrictions during this period.

Clubs should be finished with their portion of time/field assigning by Monday, March 25. This date provides two full weekends for clubs and teams to deal with conflicts and specific team requests, including all Cup game and religious/cultural milestones.

The regular season schedule will go public by Wednesday, March 27.

Lehigh Valley Youth Soccer League Spring 2019 Important Dates


Spring 2019 Season Event


Season Entrance Opens

Jan. 2, 2019

Season Entrance Closes

Feb. 24, 2019

Divisions Posted

Feb. 27, 2019

Appeal Period Begins

Feb. 27, 2019

Appeal Period Ends

March 8, 2019

Final Divisions Posted

March 9, ,2019

Clubs Get Schedules

March 12, 2019

Clubs Finish Schedules

March 25, 2019

Final Schedules Released

March 27, 2019

First Date of Spring Games

April 6, 2019

Final Date of Spring Games/Playoffs

June 9, 2019