How to Report Scores and Postponements

How to Report Scores and Postponements

Check out this link to find out how to report scores in the new GotSport system. You have 72 hours from the game time to report the score. It is the home team's responsibility to report the score, but if the visiting team notes the score has not been reported, they can report the score. The PIN number for reporting is 2021.

Any postponements of games must be CALLED in to referee assignor Hal Grahn at 610-706-0504 and you must follow up with an email to him and to


All rescheduled date proposals must be sent to within 72

hours of the postponement, and those dates must be at least 10 days from the date the games are submitted to the league unless we are in the final two weeks of the season.


Saturday rescheduling requests MUST BE for 3:30 p.m. or later. Sunday rescheduling requests MUST BE for before 11 a.m. OR after 3:30 p.m. 


ONLY send a rescheduling request (along with confirmation from the opponent) AFTER it has been agreed upon. DO NOT include in the back-and-forth emails.

Game rescheduling request must be submitted in the following format or they will not be considered.

  • Game No.:
  • Original Date:
  • Division and Gender: 
  • Home Team: 
  • Away Team: 
  •  New Date and Time: 
  • Field: 
  • Team Requesting & Reason: 

Rescheduling for weekdays is encouraged.

Also, please familiarize your self with the Rules of Play updates.