St. Luke's

St. Luke's

2022 Registration Information

As an EPYSA-approved travel tournament, the Lehigh Valley Youth Soccer League is required to abide by all of the rules and regulations of both EPYSA and U.S. Soccer.

$425 for all age groups! Guaranteed a minimum four-game schedule.

This is the link to enter the tournament.

Entry deadline is May 18.

Once again, the Lehigh Valley Youth Soccer League will allow teams that have entered the tournament to register for the tournament via an online process OR in person, 45 minutes prior to its first game.

Boys play on Saturday, June 11.

Girls play om Sunday, June 12.

Online submission od rosters must be completed by 12 noon Friday, June 3. Any team not submitting rosters online by that time will be required to do so in person on Saturday at the tournament headquarters.

42nd LVYSL Tournament Schedule


The documents required for registration (online or in person) are:

  • 2021/2022 USYSA or US Club Approved Roster or
  • 2021/2022 Player Pass for EVERY Participating Player



Deadline: 12 noon, June 4.  No exceptions will be made to this online deadline.


Directions to Complete Online Registration

1. Scan your 2021/22 USYSA or US Club Approved Roster with Photos

2. Scan your 2021/2022 Player Passes for EVERY PLAYER PARTICIPATING (Six to a page, FRONT only)

3. Save each document as an individual PDF document as they will be uploaded separately.

  • Please use descriptive titles so you will know which files to upload.
  • Please upload all player passes as one file.

4. Upload the documents to GotSport through the steps on this link.

5. Notify the league.

  • Please send notification to the league once you've uploaded the required documents at in the following format: Gender/Age Group/Club Name/Team Name. For example: Girls U14 FC Bucks Vipers Check-In Confirmation. Teams that check-in online successfully receive an e-mail stating as much.



Date: Saturday, June 11, Sunday June 12
Time: 45 Minutes Prior To Your First Game
Where: Tournament Headquarters Pavilion


Directions to Complete On-Site Registration

1. Bring the following materials to the Tournament HQ tent at least 45 minutes prior to your first game.

  • TWO copies of your 2021/2022 USYSA or US Club Approved Roster
  • 2021/2022 Player Passes for EVERY PLAYER PARTICIPATING

2. A Tournament official will check your roster and passes to complete the process.



1. Obtain the guest player's USYSA or US Club Pass or fill out this form

2. If you cannot add the player on to your EPYS/GotSport roster, ADD the guest player by handwriting their name, unique jersey number, player ID number and birthdate to the bottom of your approved roster.

3. If registering online, do this prior to submitting your documents via GotSportand be sure to include their player pass in your PDF of passes.




Q: How can I add a guest player after I have submitted our online registration documents.

A: If the online registration deadline has passed, you'll have to come to the on-site registration in order to add a guest player to a team's roster.


Q: Can I have different player passes from different organizations?

A: No. Mixed rosters are NOT allowed. US Club teams may only take a guest player registered under US Club Soccer. USYSA teams may only take guest players registered with properly stamped USYSA player pass cards.


Q: What if I cannot personally make it to on-site registration?

A: Any representative of the team (coach, assistant coach, manager or parent) can complete the registration process.